Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wire Tree

Those Scandinavians have the greatest ideas! One of my favorite sites rarely fails me on my morning inspiration. This organizing tree is a not only a great visual but functional. Id use this in an entryway or even a kitchen.

Knobs and Pulls

oh la la. Im really loving this crocodile hardware. I love the texture and colors. Not especially cheap but what a super way to revive that piece of furniture thats in the basement or storage. I love how these can really transform something that you picked up at a flea market or taken from the rents.

Krispy Kreme goes whole wheat

yummy? I always prefer whole wheat english muffins. At brunch I usually go with the whole wheat toast. This topic is soo 2007 dont you think? At just 180 calories you can enjoy this Wholesome treat? without the guilt? Not sure about that but Im trying it the first chance I get.


Its been a long relationship. One of my longest. The Canon Powershot SD10 outlived about 2 1/2 boyfriends, a couple friendships, 2 apartments. My little canon is rather well traveled. Paris, Spain, CHI, LA, NYC, Miami to name a few. This bronzed beauty has seen scandal and a world of still life. They stopped manufacturing this color so its hard to find. Now im in the market for a new one. Any suggestions? I just wanted to share this tough time Im going through while I shop around and see whats out there. Im calling it "exploring my options". We all know that looking for "The One" isnt easy.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Grease not Gas

One of my favorite sites and friend Brynne Rinderknecht has this amazing friend Mike that everyone should know about. Brynne writes: click on the logo and you can see, learn about the veggie/diesel MAGIC! He has gotten way more momentum lately, MTV, Snowboarder Magazine and sponsored recently by Cliff Bar. He has dedicated his life to this cause and is finally starting to get the proper attention.
I want a diesel car in a bad way.
Thanks Brynne!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Colette

Its an amazing store. The windows, the music gallery, the cosmetics, the stair case, the merchandising, the basement cafe, the street that its on and not to mention the limited edition sneaker nook that nearly brought me to tears. They turned me on to Flower Bomb for god sake! This march will be there 10 year anniversary and they are rolling out 10 limited edition magazines that I want so badly. One would suffice. So next time your in Paris on Saint-Honore pop in and get me something. A CD at least? Did I mention the cafe has over 100 brands of mineral water? Water snob? Yes please.


If you watched the Oscars last night then you saw it. How exciting. I need it. I want it. What a great commercial. Well done.


Just in case you have some extra money laying around and your done with the interior decorating you can splurge outside too! This is a great idea for you Downtown dwellers (a small balcony?) or line the side of your house if you roll like that. Cheers to Susan Bradley!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I want decals

What a great design idea. Well done Decals that is. Warning: It isnt for everyones decor but the possibilities are rather endless. Jazz up some space with out having to paint or buying new furniture. This is instant art for the renter. Im thinking less is more. Without caution you could end up with an urban outfitters disaster zone. even has a fun blog too! check it out.


Ive never been to Atlanta but I know that I would just love it. The nightlife I hear is great and not to mention the shopping. I must point out Pieces for their great housewares. They really have an eye for interesting, well Pieces. Browsing furniture is by far one on my favorite past times. I especially hope this Vintage 1970s Lucite Desk finds a home that will appreciate it and all its potential. I know I would!


I love this little Kangaroo organizer. Part of a limited edition series at the MoMa store, you can have this fun little guy get you together at home or in the office while making you smile. I just love the bright red color, its exactly what you need to spruce your blah office decor. Being neat doesn't have to be so serious anymore.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Frozen Yogurt Frenzy

Only in LA will you find "outraged" neighbors crying about a YOGURT shop. how ridiculous. Pinkberry, in West Hollywood recently opened in 2006 and has been so popular that the West Hollywood City Council has ordered them to shorten their hours and have additional attendants to monitor the trash. Who knew that those ugg wearing, juicy hooded, spray tanned zoombies would get their precious eatery messed with. Shouldn't west Hollywood be celebrating Pinkberrys existence for making eating popular again? Hello YES. I think the city council should take a closer look at some other issues that are going on in the community. Whats next? No more spray tan? Gasp... Doubt it.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Debut: Motorola Q Black

So many people have been bitching about there Q these days and I hate to say TOLD YA SO but choosing the Q over the Blackberry was where you fucked up. Anyway, Look at the bright side, you can drop another couple hundred to at least get the cool new matte black version for GSM. Who cares if your phone doesnt work at least it matches your pimp black macbook. Money aint a thang!

Monday, February 19, 2007


For a non-planner sometimes I find my life overbooked. To keep my cool I try not to overextend myself and float through the week. I like for others to do the planning then I can veto. Wouldnt it be great to actually sneak cards that say exactly what your feeling into the lives of those annoying people that you cant escape. Picture them finding this card "you just suck the life out of me". That would be great! My personal card would say, ENOUGH!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Hipster Haven"

Well, its been confirmed that Marc Jacobs will open a store on Damen Avenue. Crains confirmed it! I'm personally excited! We need more shoes on that street really.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope your sweetie gives you all the sugar you need. Today the New York Times Style section featured such a scrumptious looking cake. Hopefully it can tie you over till later. yummy yummy


so im exploring my options with color for the site and im having such a blast. Sensory overload really. will this blog be distract me from my daily tasks or inspire me to do more? stay tuned...

Welcome to missallfun!

Ohhh I am so happy to finally do this. Ive spent hours reading other peoples blogs and have been longing to start my own. Who knew today would be the day? I have so many ideas! This is really exciting. I love so many things and cant wait to share them with you. Let the lifestyle begin. hip hip hooray ;)