Tuesday, November 25, 2008

top 10 list of Must stop shops for priming up for the holidays

  1. Mongo Home, 1753 N. Damen ave. for a conversation piece in the entryway
  2. Modlife home, 3856 n. Lincoln ave., for a touch of Hollywood Glamour!
  3. White Attic, new to damen street hooray, mother of pearl salt/pepper shakers to die for!
  4. Jayson home &garden, 1885 N. Clybourn, I just got amazing flax linen napkins for a tabletop shot for Playboy Magazine, leland is a sweetheart and knows his stuff
  5. Marshalls 600 N. Michigan Ave., cheapy gems for a great tablescape or extra doo dadds
  6. Posh, 613 N. State St., great butter dishes and champagne buckets for those cocktails
  7. Salvage One, 1840 W. hubbard st., Mid century modern furniture
  8. The wine discount center, 1826 1/2 N. elston, Pouilly Fuisse or a nice Rose great for the holidays!
  9. Post 27, 1819 W. grand, they are just so pleasant in there
  10. Stitch 1723 N. Damen, Missoni throws, pillows, or a cool valet for the console
And dont forget Flowers from a NEW Leaf on Wells

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


so Alice and Olivia for PAYLESS... Missallfun loves LUXE for LESS.  Stay tuned as I run over to check them out live.  Coming from someone who works in photography, good lighting can make anything look better then its true self.  Fierce!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok Im back. Im jumping into the Fall with this inspirational pic via cocokelly
I just love it! Ill start collecting every silver urn, pot, vessel I set eyes on.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

NEW Project: Babies room

Little sis having baby oh my. big sis gets to decorate the room!
Heres a medley of whats in store.
Midsummer Light by Tord Boontje for artecnica. In green and yellow
decals in Wee Jungle series by Blik
Im also thinking about organic paint in a mint or lettuce hue and a super fun Flokati rug to bring it all wild and together.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Missallfun Couscous salad remains a hit!

First round had pomegranates, second batch got golden raisins. Both Delish! Martha you would be so proud of my tedious recipe.

Men tend to like this more then the chics. Very interesting...

1 can garbanzos rinsed, dried on paper towel while you do the rest(moist ones make for mushy mess)

2 boxes plain Near east couscous
4 cloves of garlic minced
salt/pepper to taste
2 tbls curry powder
1 tbls ground cumin
dash chili powder
Bring to boil, then add couscous stir, cover, turn off heat, sit covered 5minutes. fluff with fork

1half red onion finely chopped
2 scallion stalks, white and green parts chopped
Half a bunch of flat leaf parsley chopped
1 hand full chives, then chopped
add to a large bowl
Mix couscous, herbs and onions

1 cup toasted pine nuts. Dont be lazy and skip this! All you do is heat up a pan, pour in, watch them, give em a shake until golden. DONT walk away! These yummies burn quick. like 2mins really

1cup re hydrated golden raisins(add enough water to cover, boil until fat about 5 minutes)strain

In frying pan heat 2tbls extra virgin olive oil then garbanzos, sprinkle, salt, pepper a bit more curry powder and stir fry a bit

These annoying steps intensify the flavor and add moisture to the salad
Mix all together more salt and pepper to taste.


May 8th, missallfun will be lending her production hands at the Design for The Cure event at Le Passage. This event should be be fun so anyone who is around and in for a good cause stop by. visit www.aidschicago.org for more info.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

superfun impulse purchase

So Tangerine is one of my favorite stores in Chicago, which you already know. Whenever im feeling like I have absolutely nothing I like anymore I go there and find pieces. My chaotic life as a stylist demands me to be comfortable while maintaining a stylish edge. Norma Marcella (local Chicago designer) really caught my eye as I dashed out the store last night. There it was. Black ruffled bloomers for adults! Spicy girls like me! So versatile! So fun! I MUST HAVE THEM! In less then 2 seconds I saw my spring/summer 08 future. Bloomers with leggings and converse, Bloomers and bare legs with mustard heels, bloomers pulled high and American Apparel t-shirts! bloomers in bed...;) Now, as I embark spring I can continue living the life. Norma Marcella, missallfun approved.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

new collections at MERIDA

I cant wait for my samples! check out the new Tufted collection from merida asap.

Missallfun Back for Valentines

Coco Rouge in bucktown just sent me some awesome images of their latest work. Nothing says I care more then a detail obsessed package and perfectly developed piece of coco.