Saturday, September 29, 2007


whoa so Ive been preoccupied with work and hitting the town this week but will be back Tuesday to give you the full missallfun report. from the great 1o cane event on Monday to my scrumptious date out at greenzebra last night. Ill report back from the palms on tuesday!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


last sunday I met the sweet girls at Tinycakes at the Logan Square Farmers market. I nibbled on their chocolate pistachio biscotti yummy and purchased some lemon poppy seed madellines. I discovered them in my bag on Tuesday, not too sweet and just a tender bite. I attempted to make these once and they came out rock hard! Ive come along way since and only buy them from the professionals. I cant be good at everything! They informed me that this sweet display would be on board until mid October. Oh and dont forget to pick up a bag of mixed greens from the guy across the way, I just love the pieces of kale in my salad mix

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Calling all Spooky Inspirations

This year I will have a great time entertaining on Halloween. Im gathering inspiration from my inner Martha and finding some new favorites for my go to files. Just look at the spooky soiree at Carolyne Roehms gorgeous site. She is such a great resource! Im starting early to let my ideas brew.

Mexico revisited

So after hearing about Tulum for over a year now from my sweetest girlfriends and other acquaintances. Its finally on the map for missallfun! Someone Special and I are seeing a december get away. After doing my research, I have decided on Zamas. My two bestest buddies have trialed and gave rave reviews. I also have heard about Casa Magna which is an eco chic resort with great options like a Cleansing retreat (sans margaritas!?!) and at their latest addition Amansala which features a Bikini Boot camp and a After the Baby retreat. I just love these two options but think Ill be have a cocktail or two while I'm on VACATION. Is that considered cheating? Just look at these great photos.

Friday, September 7, 2007


A work contact of mine has this wonderful wallpapering in her daughters room and I just love it. This would be great in a small bathroom or a grand closet. For the young at heart! and of course fun like me...

Farmers Market still in bloom

on tuesdays I head over to the Farmers market in front of the MCA. I usually nosh on whatever looks yummy and smile at all the gorgeous flowers.

a Night at Carnival

Oh what a fun night it was at Jerry Kleiner's Carnival, the girls and I had such a great time sipping on all the 10cane rum concoctions they had to offer. Aside from the best guacamole and a Sucia martini(rum, olive juice with passion fruit mix) delish,we were so entertained sitting in the lounge. The entertainment consisted of a wonderful band from Mexico, and super fun Brazilian dancers who really spiced up the show. Who new Wednesday would be such a hit? 10cane at it again!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Oscar de la Renta Chevron tray is a must. I love the silver corners. so fun and functional! at Saks