Monday, May 14, 2007

NYT blurb: I like this guy

Photo Courtesy of Adam Friedberg via NY Times.

I was browsing the NY Times style Mag and came across this cool guy that id just love to set up some single friends of mine, or have in my circle of characters. I mean this simple living seems rather big and something I applaud.
Heres the text:John Slavin: MALIBU When John Slavin purchased more than an acre of land high up in Malibu Canyon, his friends expected him to erect a massive home. Instead, Slavin, a real estate developer, built an 800-square-foot house. Three of the four exterior walls have steel doors that roll up, exposing the property to the open air. "I like the idea that a mountain lion might crawl in bed with you some nights," Slavin said. A conservationist, he uses little electricity and has no heating or air conditioning. "It’s a litmus test for women," he said. "If they can’t handle it, they’re not for me."

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