Thursday, April 3, 2008

superfun impulse purchase

So Tangerine is one of my favorite stores in Chicago, which you already know. Whenever im feeling like I have absolutely nothing I like anymore I go there and find pieces. My chaotic life as a stylist demands me to be comfortable while maintaining a stylish edge. Norma Marcella (local Chicago designer) really caught my eye as I dashed out the store last night. There it was. Black ruffled bloomers for adults! Spicy girls like me! So versatile! So fun! I MUST HAVE THEM! In less then 2 seconds I saw my spring/summer 08 future. Bloomers with leggings and converse, Bloomers and bare legs with mustard heels, bloomers pulled high and American Apparel t-shirts! bloomers in bed...;) Now, as I embark spring I can continue living the life. Norma Marcella, missallfun approved.


Fashion A-Hole said...
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Fashion A-Hole said...

It's good to see you back blogging.
I actually approve of these impulse buy--and hope that the hipsters don't run rampant with it.

tara said...

Those are terribly cute :]