Wednesday, April 11, 2007

mum balls

Via design sponge.
You'll need:

Floral Foam (the green stuff)
Mums (any color you like)
Floral Pins
Army Knife

- Use your knife to carve the floral foam into 1" - 2" spheres

- Snip off the heads of your mums

- Soak your foam spheres in water one at a time just before you are
ready to assemble each (the foam retains some of the water and will
keep your mums looking fresh)

- begin attaching the mum heads to the foam sphere with your floral
pins. Continue until you have covered all of the green foam with
mums. Now you have a mum ball! Proceed to the next.

Thanks to Maggie at Stems Floral Shop in Red Hook, New York for the instructions.

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