Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The S. Pelligrino Worlds 50 Best Restaurants

The 2007 list is in and Chicago snagged two spots of only 8 USA spots on the list. Of course Trotters made it again at the 30th spot but newcomer and HIGHEST new entry, Alinea made the list at #37. I cant believe I missed my invite to this amazing place!!!!! It will surely take an adventurous dinnermate and another 6 months to get in.

Here are the top 8 USA spots:
#4 The French Laundry
#9 Per se
#18 Jean Georges
#26 Le Bernardin
#30 Charlie Trotters
#32 Daniel
#37 Alinea
#40 Chez Panisse


ebernal13 said...

I dont want to brag about how many of the restaurants on the top ten I have been to! bragging will be upon request only!

missallfun said...

but of course! However do you keep track of all those wine pairings!