Monday, April 23, 2007

OGO oxygen water

so missallfun is a sucker for packaging and a full out water snob. Im sure I mentioned that before? That being said, I was struck by this OGO water, apparently it has 200mg of oxygen per liter, about 35 times more then other products. cool, Im so into this kind of thing. Tasted it, awesome. Ive been reading that its selling like crazy in Europe. Cool little bottle that didn't weigh my bag down. 3 bucks for a tiny bottle(Iloveminnies), a tad pricey but the good life is worth it!


Walsh said...
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Walsh said...

I love your blog but I disagree with your thoughts about bottled water, regardless of how cute the bottle is. Check out these 2 articles about the environmental impact of bottled water:
Bottled Water: What a Waste
True Cost of Bottled Water
We can all thank treehugger for the great info!