Thursday, March 8, 2007

A feast fit for Missallfun and her guest of honor

Ari got treated to one of missallfuns favorite meals last night. We started our evening with a lovely Shiraz that my sweetie picked up at his favorite spirits and wine shop. He chose a D' Arenberg "The Laughing Magpie" McLaren Vale 2005 which was a hit! we then munched on fresh chive and dill herb dip, rye toasts and carrots while our bird was roasting. The first course we savored on soy honey ginger grilled prawns on a pouf of herb mache and mustard vinaigrette. Our main dish was Roasted lemon and rosemary chicken and roasted smoked bacon brussel sprouts. We where so full! I broke a glass and he so kindly did the dishes. Tipsy as I was, I nearly forgot that we still had to devour the parfaits of brownies, vanilla bean yogurt and roasted rhubarb! missallfun@itagain


Ari said...

Let me just say, that missallfun cooks a mean chicken! The prawns were phenomenal too. I left that meal completely satisfied, despite the bug-eyed look on my face in that picture.

Walsh said...

Did the juicy bird get Ari THAT excited?

Annie said...

You amaze me, seriosuly! I could never do this!