Thursday, March 22, 2007

Missallfun not buying paper towels anymore!

On my daily quick browse of the home & garden section of the NYtimes theres this headline. The Year without Toilet paper. Smells a little suspect to me but hey Im way into it. I read on. On Lower fifth there is this power couple, yes they are writers but she owns a pair of chloe boots so they arent your typical tree hugger trying to save the world. That being said, they are serious about their commitment which extends beyond the gasp, toilet paper thing but even more this talk of social glue? sounds romantic..., allowances of only thrift purchases, eating only organically (think food from within a 100 miles of Manhattan), no more paper towels for their housekeeper, lunches only in a mason jar. ok Im exhausted! Please read it. can missallfun do this? could you? I already take public transportation. hmmm not entirely but I could do a few experiments of my own.

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