Monday, March 26, 2007

Missallfun in NYC

One can really do and see a lot of things in just two days. Here is a rough draft of my whirlwind weekend. All packed with Food, drinks and good friends.
Friday LGA touchdown: I grabbed Lucas and we went for a walk down bleecker which lead them to the Banana pudding at Magnolia bakery. Yummy. Then headed back home for a quick change and off to dinner at Extra Virgin, tasty fritto misto, some scallops, beet salad a nice glass of syrah then grabbed a quick beer at Village Tavern to meet Camp Topper which led to more drinks and some dancing at Professors Loft.
Saturday: Brunch at Leon, believe me you can act a fool here. Missallfun approved! You can scream there, jump around, dance oh and yell. It was such a great day so we took a quick browse at a flea market around the corner. Hands down one of the best things about NYC. STREET SHOPPING!
Waited in line at Venieros for some scrumdidlyumptious cookies. Then off to Soho for a quick check in at Kiki followed by a must Barneys co-op stop. Shopped out, it was time for refueling so we popped into Café Noir for sangria and mojitos, why else would you go there? Before the night began we freshened up at Spa Belles for a mani-pedi fix then head home to get ready for dinner. Dinner for two at The little Owl, a great window seat, candle lit table, adorable view of the miniature planted flowers lining the windows ledge. I hadn't noticed the Rick James Photograph in the restroom on my first visit but this added an element of ...Im calling it whimsy, to the vibe of the restaurant. It really made missallfun happy. Thanks Gabe! 2 1/2 hours later we walked the west village and missallfun was drawn to a mere red light in the distance. Her curiosity paid off when they walked into Turks and Frogs, several glasses of wine and hours later Saturday night was at its end. Sunday: Missallfun wakes, dresses, packs, kisses her lovely host and Lucas goodbye and can hardly wait for their visit to Chicago this summer. Brunch at Café Habana. Yes, she had corn, yes she had café con leche. She waves her Habana girls goodbye and has one hour left to complete her custom itinerary from KATY. Six items on the list and she completes three. Must mention the chocolate croissants from Falai! AMAZING! These made me very happy on the plane. Last stop: a great vintage store, What goes around comes around. Thanks J+L! Ill definitely add it to my must stop list NYC. OHHH missallfun cant wait till next time!

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Erin said...

the banana pudding at magnolia is the most amazing thing to ever cross anyone's lips.