Friday, March 9, 2007

Virgil Abloh, Man on to something...

Virgil is really living the lifestyle. Missallfun met him back in college where she could always find him at the carts in library mall diving into the latest lunch option of pad thai, attending the biggest rally for someones cause, on the terrace enjoying a cold one, schooling people on the latest sound in music, spinning a killer set at the sidecar, always sporting the freshest sneakers and never to proud to beg for a self enriching cultural experience. Several years later, with even more of that "swagger" that people know him by and a masters in architecture he is doing big things. "Top secret" but big! Mr. Abloh can be found on youtube talking about his home, Chicago, grabbing a fine meal at The Little Owl in NYC., a glass of red really anywhere on Milwaukee avenue or even in a window, working on his latest installation. when I dont see him for a few weeks making the city rounds, it usually means hes up to something. That could include a multitude of things but rest assure its always positive, always innovative, always stylish and my personal favorite, hes always keepin it real. You should learn more about Virg . check out his contributions at The Brilliance.

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amara said...

I love you lady